Fabby-O's Cereal

Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II is a platforming adventure video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) developed by UK-based company Zippo Games for Rare. It was published by Acclaim and released in North America in December 1989 and in Europe on March 27, 1991. In addition, Acclaim hired Italian male model Fabio Lanzoni to pose as Kuros on the game's cover.


Dr Petrovik's Veterinarium

Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar is an Eastern engineer responsible for creating the TX-55 Metal Gear mecha in the original Metal Gear, as well the TX-11 Arnold (Bloody Brad) androids.

Theta West

Data East Corporation also abbreviated as DECO, was a Japanese video game developer and publisher. The company was in operation from 1976 to 2003. Data East was founded by Tetsuo Fukuda on April 20, 1976 as an electronic engineering company which focused on integrating interchangeable tapes inside arcade game devices, allowing video games operators to replace a game from a machine without having to replace the cabinet itself. Realizing the money that could be made within the interactive content, Data East began developing arcade video games in 1978 starting with their first arcade game, Super Break, while they established a U.S division in 1979, after most of their chief competitors like Sega and Taito had already established a market presence.


Okie Doki

Doki Doki Panic is a Japan-only video game developed by Nintendo in cooperation with Fuji Television for the Famicom Disk System. It was later released outside of Japan in an altered format under the name Super Mario Bros. 2, since the original Japanese Super Mario Bros. sequel, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, was deemed too difficult for overseas players. Eventually, the altered Mario version of Doki Doki Panic was released in Japan as well, under the title Super Mario USA.


Taxi Missions

Jump in (steal) a taxi-cab and you have the options to run taxi missions to earn a few bucks on the side.


Ninja Wraps

The Ninja Rap is a rap song preformed by Vanilla Ice which appears in film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze and the film's soundtrack.

Nolan's Arcade

Atari is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972. The original Atari, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney.


Bayshore High School

In 'Saved by the Bell', Richard Belding is the principal of Bayside High School and the show's resident authority figure. However, when he attended high school, he was an anti-authority hippie whom, in one episode, Jessie describes as "The Zack Morris of the '60s".

In Retro City Rampage, the school is called Bayshore High, and the principal is called Principal Balding.

Map Update

With the latest Steam updates, the full screen map now shows extra information.

Did NOT Finish

Duke Nukem Forever was originally in development under 3D Realms, director George Broussard, one of the creators of the original Duke Nukem game, first announced the title's development in April 1997, and various promotional information for the game was released between 1997 and 1998. After repeatedly announcing and deferring release dates, 3D Realms announced in 2001 that it would be released simply "when it's done". No official video of the game was shown for almost 8 years, until 3D Realms released a new teaser trailer in December 2007, but the game "submerged" yet again soon afterwards.


Pizza Gaiden Ryukenden Grill

Ninja Gaiden is a series of video games by Tecmo featuring the ninja Ryu Hayabusa as its protagonist. The series was originally known as Ninja Ryukenden in Japan.


Theftropolis Business Computers

International Business Machines or IBM, is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation, with headquarters in New York, United States. IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.


Artwork #14

The Sleep Sequence Moment

That moment when you realise that the sleep sequence looks very reminiscent of that Super Mario Brothers 2 ending.


Super Stomp Pals


Character Cameos