Retro City Rampage

I'd been following this game in the build up to its release. I'll be honest and say it was the 8-bit styling that first grabbed my attention.

I am a big fan of retro gaming. I have many old titles that I play through the use of emulators or through the original hardware if I still have a working piece of kit.

However, retro gaming can be a very sobering experience when you get hold of a game you remembered so fondly only to boot it up, and the experience is just so, well, dated. Some games do hold their charm though, but these days I find it a rare occurrence.

Playing Retro City Rampage was like I'd discovered an old title from the 80's that I'd somehow never seen before. It had the depth and variety of a modern free-roamer but with the charm and feel of an 80's title. This pleased me a lot.

It's got the artwork, the chip tunes all wrapped up in a world crammed full of pop-culture references and parodies. Half the fun is trying to spot them all.

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